Puppy Preschool Brags

"Lisa's advice and training has been invaluable for both of us and our new puppy.  Lia, our German Shepherd Puppy is learning how to be a well adjusted member of our family and we are learning how to communicate with our dog."
Dave & Pam Bammann - Lia (German Shepherd)

"Roxie learned wonderful social skills and we were given a lot of suggestions on how to teach her to behave at home.  She's a different dog from what we started with."
Sam & Julie Ravitch - Roxie (Chow Mix)

"We got great advice on how to stop the play biting, chewing and what collar to use as well as how to use it."
Rich, Lisa & Dominic Jensen - Bailey (American Staffordshire Terrier)

"Your program is very informative and well organized.  Molly is a welcomed addition to our home.  You helped us to help our dog to learn.  Thank you!"
Kerry Cressler - Molly (Collie)

Basic Obedience Brags

"Thank you for everything you've done to help us out!  What you do is far beyond just teaching an obedience class.  You really go above and beyond every single week to make sure all of our questions are answered.  You've spent extra time after class, you encourage us and empower us to help our dog become the very best she can be.  Thanks to you and Stay and Obey, LLC Lexi is eventually going to be able to be with us anywhere and everywhere dogs are welcome.  We don't have to leave her behind.  She's part of our family, and thanks to the service your're providing, we'll be able to keep her a safe, happy, healthy member of our family for a very long time.  You're the best!"
Nelson & Erin Ferragut - Lexi (Mix Breed)

"Stay and Obey is a great training facility, they really know how to address the individual dog.  Great instructions, fun classes and fantastic results, Thank you!"
Julie & Jack Antonini - Chief Sparky (Labrador Mix)

"Lisa is very informative regarding dog behavior and making us humans understand their behavior.  Classes are taught in a positive manner, and the dogs seem to automatically respect her."
Shawn & Tina Gutzman - Panzer (Boxer) & Keelan (Border Collie)

"I have enjoyed and learned so much from Lisa at Stay & Obey.  I highly recommend her for anyone who wants to have an obedient well mannered dog and have so much fun while learning and what great fun for both dogs and owner.  I am proud to have been in her classes and to have a great dog."
Dee Dee Hogan - Ty (Collie)

"Lucky, our yellow labrador took the Basic Obedience class when she was 8 months old.  Our class was very small and very beneficial.  There were so many things that I never thought a high energy puppy could learn within an hour long class such as 'Stay' and 'Leave it'.  She can even sit in front of a plate full of people food and completely ignore it with a simple 'Leave it' command!  Because of this class we have received many compliments on how well behaved our dog is for her age.  We owe it all to the skills we learned in class at Stay and Obey, LLC.  We've also put Lucky in daycare a few times when the weather was bad, which has greatly helped to socialize her and get her energy drained so she isn't bouncing off the walls when we get home from work.  I highly recommend Stay and Obey's Basic Obedience and Daycare."   
Amanda David - Lucky (Yellow Labrador)


"Our boy Wrigley just loves going to Stay and Obey's Daycare.  As soon as you mention that we are going to Ms. Lisa's he gets so excited and comes and hugs us and then goes to wait by the door to go.  Wrigley just loves his time there playing with all his friends as well as running around in their huge outside fenced in play area.  What a great opportunity to have a well rounded, happy and socialized dog!  Stay and Obey, LLC also gives us piece of mind when we need to go out of town for a few days or even a few weeks.  Wrigley can spend his days playing with his friends and his nights in the safety and comfort of Stay and Obey.  It is his home away from home and Lisa and Chris care for him as their own!  It is an awesome place for any Dog and a great comfort to any Dog Owner."
Dave & Julie Essig - Wrigley (Beagle)

"I had never met a puppy I didn't love immediately....until I met our Ellie!  She was the Demon Dog!!  She drew blood on me daily, I spent more time saying 'Ellie no biting, no jumping, no biting, no jumping' than anything else.  I hated to get up in the morning because I would have to let her out of her crate.  It would take me 20 minutes to make a cup of coffee because I had to fight with a 15 pound beast.  I seriously considered giveing her up - something I had never thought I could do.  We brought her to Stay and Obey, LLC for a puppy consultation and Lisa gave me some training!  As soon as Ellie was old enough we started her in Basic Obedience.  Here we learned that we had a very smart dog with two very trainable owners!  She (and we) did very well and we all looked forward to the classes.  We were like proud parents when she obeyed a command, especially when she sat still when another dog walked by her.  As well as she did in Basic Obedience, we still were unable to stop her biting and jumping and being a German Shepherd-Lab-Collie mix her 15 pounds didn't last very long.  Then we tried Stay and Obey's Doggie Daycare just so she could socialize a little and run off some of her endless energy.  That decision saved her and solidified her place in our family!  Ellie played so hard her first day that she was too tired to eat let alone bite and jump on us when we brought her home.  She basically passed out until morning.  I thought she'd be back to her awful self after a good nights sleep but she was like a different dog!  After a few days I started to wonder if Chris had sent a dog that looked just like ours home with us by mistake.  She has been going to daycare once or twice a week now for almost a year and she loves it!  And we do too!!  She is so excited when we tell her she is going to visit her friends and doesn't give us the time of day when she gets dropped off.  We feel comfortable leaving her with Lisa and Chris because we know she is being well cared for."
Ted & Sherri Kerhoulas - Ellie (German Shepherd/Labrador/Collie Mix) 


"Lisa is wonderful!  We feel fortunate that we met her when our Miss Molly was 6 months old.  Lisa immediately understood Molly's sweet submissive nature and figured out just how to train her.  Molly is now a year and a half old and though she is still a puppy, everyone comments on how well behaved she is.  She sits automatically to say please, she stays and she walks beautifully with us.  We have Lisa to thank for her lovely manners.  It was a pleasure dealing with Lisa.  Her love of the dogs was always truly apparent.  She never watched the clock and always gave Molly as much time and affection as she needed."
Kerrin Bermont - Miss Molly (Labradoodle)

General Brags

"I never dreamed my little doxie could do agility and now he quietly sits on a mat when I have company instead of growling and barking.  Fritz and I are enjoying the benefits of the training we received."
Jackie Lowe - Fritz (Dachshund)

"Allie and I had a great time in our two sets of classes.  Allie is less afraid and not as timid as she was.  She loves doing new things and learning.  She was afraid of other dogs when we started but now she meets new dogs with a wagging tail.  Lisa is great with the dogs and a good person."
Suezi Orlaski - Allie (Border Collie)

"Lisa is great with the dogs.  We both learned a lot from our Trek and Train class.  I gained the knowledge to keep up with future potential problems should any occur.  Bella is a completely different dog for the better since we took Basic Obedience and Trek and Train.  I will definitely bring future dogs to Stay and Obey."
Kayla Glenn - Bella (Sheltie)